Sponsor Us
Help fund a team of dedicated students

We are a student-run organization. That means that we rely on the generosity of our sponsors for funding. This funding affects the quality of resources we can purchase, including aggregates, admixtures, and building materials, which directly affects our performance. We highly value any form of contribution, whether it comes in the form of monetary or material donation. 


Donate Money

If you have donated to the team in the past, we thank you for your contribution and if you are new to the Michigan Concrete Canoe Team, we hope you will consider donating to the team in the future. In an effort to make the process of giving to our team as streamlined and easy as possible we have set up a page through our University's Online Giving Website. Through this website individual and corporate donors wishing to contribute to the team can use a major credit card to donate 

Donate Material

Are you a business that has unused materials from years past just sitting around your warehouse? As a student-run team we are always looking for various materials/tools to help construct the canoe. Whether it is a bag of Portland cement or some leftover low grit sandpaper we definitely could make use of it! Please contact either our team captain, hull design lead, or concrete design lead to see if your unused materials could help build a Concrete Canoe! Some specific things we are looking for are: